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Aruba RV Resort Rules

We welcome you to the Aruba RV park and we appreciate your business. The following is to help everyone enjoy their stay in the rural setting of Florida on lake Okeechobee!

All reasonable means have been taken to insure that your residency here is comfortable and enjoyable. This property is privately owned and our goal is to not only comply with all applicable laws but to achieve the highest standards possible in RV park management. One way to provide an enjoyable atmosphere for all of our customers is to enforce fairly and equally rules and regulations that help everyone abide by applicable laws, rules and safety standards. Under Chapter 513, Florida Statutes, these Rules and Regulations are deemed to be a special contract between the operator of the Park and each tenant or guest. Violation of these Rules and Regulations may result in eviction of the violator.

As used in these Rules (and unless otherwise specified), the term :"Resident" shall include tenants/residents/guests and persons authorized to reside in our community; the terms "Park" or "Community" refer to Aruba RV Park; the term "unit" or "RV" means a recreational vehicle, as defined in Section 513.01(9), Florida Statutes, which is occupied by a tenant of the Resort ,the term "guest" means a person who is registered to temporarily occupy a lot at the invitation of a tenant for a period no longer than one (1) week in a 30 day calendar period or four (4) weeks in a twelve month period, and the terms "space," "site" and "lot" refer to each rental lot within Aruba RV Park.

  1. All residents and guests must be registered at the office, as required by law, and approved by Management. No exceptions.
  2. Day guests must register with the office every day they are in the Community.
  3. If you plan to be at Aruba RV Park longer than fifteen consecutive days including any portion of a day, or continue in residence longer than fifteen consecutive days, a residency application must be filled out and approved by Management and a lease agreement must be executed.
  4. Sub-lessees must have Management's approval before occupancy begins.
  5. Changing of lots is not allowed without Management's prior written permission.
  6. No one other than those executing the Rental Agreement shall be allowed to reside upon the leased lot without written consent from Management. Purchase of your unit by those who have not executed a rental agreement or obtained written approval for residency from Management shall not constitute permission for purchaser(s) to reside within the Resort.
  7. No unit shall be occupied by more than two persons excluding guests as defined in these Rules. The lot shall be used solely for the purpose of placing a unit thereon for the residential use and occupancy of Resident.

    • Office: Hours are posted on office door. Office telephone: (863) 946-1324.
    • Emergency Phone Numbers for Police, Fire, or Medical Emergencies:
      • Dial 911 first, then contact Management, if needed.
      • Management's Emergency Telephone: (863) 946-1324.
    • You must check in with the office no later than 24 hours after your arrival and notice of departure.
    • Please notify Management if you intend to be away for any extended length of time with emergency contact information.
    • The Community is owned by Aruba RV Park, LLC. Landlord/Management is exempted from these Rules to the extent needed to operate the Community.
    • No resident shall use abusive language or make physical contact with Management, Staff or any guest at any time. To do so will result in immediate eviction and a possible criminal complaint.
    • Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone to the extent authorized under federal and state fair housing law.
    • No verbal agreements for any changes to your rental agreement. Any modification to your Rental Agreement must be in writing and signed by Community Owner.
    • Any violation of these Rules, the rules or signs posted in the Community, or of any other law shall be treated as a violation of your Rental Agreement.
    • Aruba RV Park and its owners are not responsible and will not assume any responsibility for personal injuries, loss, theft, fire or damage to any person or personal property.
    1. Payments. All payments (US funds) are due on the resident's anniversary date or before without billing. A 5% late fee is charged to payments received after the 5th day. A 10% late fee will be charged for each payment not received in full within 30 days after the due date. A fee is charged for returned checks plus the late fees. Receipts for payments will not be mailed unless requested in writing. If you prefer to not pay in full when due, you may upon written Management approval and execution of a rental agreement make plan as follows:
      • Make Payments as agreed with Management including an additional $100 per payment.
      • Make Payments as agreed with Management including an additional $100 per payment.
    2. Delinquent Accounts: Any resident whose account becomes15 days past due will not be allowed to continue use of any community facility. We will also begin legal collection procedures for eviction. Upon eviction you will be required to pay the Community Owner's attorneys' fees and court costs. Judgment may also be sought for all unpaid lot rent; in such event a lien will be sought on the title to your unit. Guests who have not registered or paid are not entitled to use the Resort facilities such as showers, pool and recreational equipment, and may be asked to leave the Resort.
    3. Statements & Notices: No notice or statement will be mailed. If you are unsure of your due date for rent or any other fees, please contact Management. The Electric bill statements can be mailed for a fee of $5.00; your deposit left for electric service will be applied to your monthly rent if your rent is not kept current. Please be sure to have a valid email address and we will email the bills to you.
    4. Mail: Residents are responsible for providing the appropriate parties when moving with a forwarding address. Park is not responsible for forwarding mail.
    5. Deposits: Deposits are to reserve a specific lot or lots.
    6. Rent: Rent includes water, however a charge for washer will be incurred, as stated in current pricing, sewer, dumpster service, lawn mowing, and use of all facilities. Rates are based on two person occupancy per lot. An additional fee will apply for more than two persons and for any extra person(s) staying overnight or using Resort facilities (see rate sheet for charges). No refunds or compensation are given for unused occupancy.
    7. Units Left at Park as seasonal Resident are at their own risk. Management/Owner will not accept any liability! Any damage or theft of Resident unit must be repaired at Residents expense within 30 days or written approval for extension from Management/Owner.
    8. Insurance: Resident shall at their expense, obtain and keep in force during the term of their lot rental agreement a policy of comprehensive liability, fire, windstorm and flood insurance insuring Owner and Resident against perils arising out of the ownership, use, occupancy or maintenance of the lot and all areas appurtenant thereto. This should also include the coverage for the removal of the unit after a fire, windstorm, flood or Act of God. The Management/Owner shall not be liable for any loss, injury, death, or damage to persons or property which may be suffered by RV/Park Model Resident or by any person whoever may be using, occupying or visiting the lot, whether such loss, injury, death, or damage shall be caused by or in any way result from or arise out of any act, omission, or negligence of the Resident or of any occupant, subtenant, contractor, subcontractor, visitor, or user of any portion of the lot, or shall result from or be caused by any other matter whether of the same kind as or of a different kind than the matters above set forth.
    9. Eviction and Procedures Applicable from Florida Statute Chapter 513, the following shall be grounds for eviction.
      • Failure of resident to pay rent when due.
      • Failure to respect others. Confrontations with other guests, Staff, or Management.
      • Failure to comply with the resort rules & regulations.
      • Conviction of a violation of state or federal law or changes in land use.
      • Florida Statutes allow for request of immediate vacating of premises by lessee for violation of this article.
    1. Residential Use Only : Each rental lot shall be used, improved or devoted exclusively to a licensed RV park, not a mobile home park.
    2. Driveways and Patios : Driveways, patios and rental lots shall not be used for storage. Only authorized vehicles, one set of patio furniture and barbecue equipment may be placed in such areas and must be kept in good condition.
    3. Yard Sales : Yard sales are not permitted, exception to the one annual all park fundraising sale.
    4. Trespassing : Trespassing on the other rental lots is not permitted.
    5. Soliciting : No Solicitors, vendors, peddlers, etc. allowed on Aruba RV Park land.
    6. Applications or Request forms:
      • Screen Enclosures
      • Storage Sheds
      • Renting or Subletting
      • Request for Work
      • Covered or Uncovered Storage
      • No outside work can be done until you obtain lot plan approval from Management.
      • Permits from Glades County must be obtained for any work except bricking and driveways.
      • Any work done without a permit and prior Management approval may result in having to remove the work at owner's expense.
      • Any exterior door or window changes must be pre-approved by Management.
      • Management approval of paint color must be obtained before the home is painted.
      • Homes that are in need of paint must be painted or vinyl sided; landscaping cleanup around the unit. Check with Management for details.
    7. Re-sales: Residents who wish to sell their homes are required to fill out a Resale Inspection Application. An inspection fee is due when the application is submitted. Management will then inspect the conditions of the outside of the home for washing, painting, installing vinyl siding or repairs that may be required. Any improvements deemed necessary must be completed before the home is advertised for sale or sold. One commercially printed "For Sale" sign is permitted in the window of the home, no yard signs. Signs may be no larger than 12" x 18". An open "house" is permitted as long as the owner is present during the open house. Open house yard signs are not permitted. Open house signs may be put in a window of the home. Management has been very successful in selling homes for residents; our process fees are competitive and we would be pleased to list and show your home for sale. Prior to sale Management must approve a new resident's application in writing. Persons who purchase a unit but who are not approved in writing as residents may be asked to remove the unit from the resort.
    8. Subletting : is permitted for permanent RV/Park Model homes that are on Annual Rate Plans. Rules for subletting and the subletting application are available at the Office. The sublet application and a Non Refundable Sublet Application Fee is required to be submitted prior to sub-letters renting units. Sub-lessees must also fill out an application for residency and pay the Non Refundable Application Fee. A criminal background check and a credit check will be performed for all applicants for residency in the Community. A unit Owner who sublets his home relinquishes his privileges and use of community facilities. Unit Owners are responsible for all actions and financial responsibility of their sub-lessees.
    1. Permanent RV/Park Model. Any RV/Park Mode that is in the park for one year or longer and is set up on permanent blocks will be considered a Permanent RV/Park Model. White skirting of lattice or vinyl must be installed on any such unit after receipt of prior written approval by Management. If you do not want to skirt your unit, the unit must be sitting on RV jacks and tires. When you leave for the season nothing can be stored under the unit. Damaged skirting must be repaired within 30 days of damage or after written notice as required by Florida law Park Management the necessary work will be performed by Management and billed to the unit owner. Management will not be held responsible for damages to any skirting caused by weed eaters or by any other equipment.
    2. Refrigerator or freezer outside must be under awning or in screen room, and shall be no taller than 3' height 3' wide and deep without prior written approval from Management.
    3. Subcontractors. All service vendors or anyone working in the park other than guest need proof of Workman's Comp Insurance and General Liability with certificates of such furnished to Management before they can work for you. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    4. Improvements/Legal Requirements. Residents must obtain Management's written approval PRIOR TO making, installing or modifying any improvements, including, but not limited to, sheds, buildings, additions, driveways, trellises, arbors, awnings, screens, poles, parking areas, fences, walls, rocks, plants, landscaping, lighting and all other structures and improvements of every type and kind, including any exterior changes to any RV/Park Model, space or paint color or modifications of the same. In every instance, Management's approval of any improvement or alteration is conditional and may subsequently be revoked should any improvement not be properly installed or maintained. Management's approval is not a representation that the improvement complies with the applicable legal requirements, and therefore, Residents must ensure that their RV/Park Model, space and improvements comply with all applicable legal requirements as to zoning, permits, construction, materials, installation, maintenance, and the like, and are set up per the manufacturer's specification.
      • All units with an aluminum awning or screen room must be skirted on all sides.
      • Obtain approval from Management, in writing, to plant or remove shrubs, flowers, patio stone, etc. All approved items will remain property of the Park upon departure.
      • All fences must be a minimum of 6' off the road; the first two panels must be 4' h x 6' w Veranda pro series vinyl Westchester scalloped spaced picket white fence panels; model #118686 following down the property line with 5 3/4' x 5 3/4' Veranda white vinyl Windham fence panel model #73002103; 4" x 4" x 8' vinyl-coated pressure-treated pine fence post w/cap, model #73007054 & Veranda white vinyl fence bracket kit model #116058. The area directly behind the unit can be fenced up to the width of the unit not counting slide-outs with the same materials. All plans for fencing must be submitted to Management with drawing prior to installation for approval and layout.
    5. Storage Sheds. A storage shed on your lot shall be Rubber-maid or equal and should be approximately 60" height 30" wide and about 5' long. Storage shed spaces are available at the shed compound for fee. See current rates. Wherever required, a permit must be obtained from the local city or county building department and from Community Management before installation. Sheds are prohibited from being equipped or tied-in with utilities such as electricity and water. Placement of the shed is at the discretion of Management
    6. Sewer/Septic System. No rags, ashes, clothes, diapers or other improper article shall be placed into the sewer/septic system. Due to potential damages to the septic system, powdered soap must not be used. The cost of repairing clogs or damages caused by such improper conduct shall be the responsibility of the Resident and may be treated as an Additional Charge. No gray water or sewer may be discharged onto the ground.
    7. Water Pressure. Due to the potential of high or functioning water pressure, Residents are encouraged to install pressure relief valves on their hot water heaters and on their main water lines to prevent any damages due to water pressure.
      • No water hoses are to be attached to the electric and water posts.
      • Water from the home to the post must be PVC piping and not a hose as per health department regulations only applies to Park Model versions not transient units.
      • Back flow valves are required on the main water supply at all times, as per the health department.
      • Water lawns as per county guidelines.
      • We are not responsible for any cords, hoses, etc., that are left on the ground. If you are going to leave a water hose hooked up, it must be neatly hung up off the ground out of the way of lawn mowers and weed-eaters.
      • Please do not hook up your water hose on a lot that does not belong to you.
    8. Maintenance in Good Condition. Resident's RV/Park Model, rental lot, and all improvements must be maintained in good condition.
      • All residents and campers must keep lots mowed and trimmed during the active growing season. Management will provide this service for a charge. Mowing by Management will only be performed lots free of barriers.
      • Residents must trim and maintain, or remove if necessary, any trees located on their lot.
      • Pots, rugs and all loose items must be removed before Residents leave for the season and during storms.
      • Flowers and shrubs, if planted, must be placed adjacent to Resident's unit. Brick or wood edging materials around plants is encouraged. Residents are responsible for plants on their lot. Plantings must be kept trimmed and neat. Management may remove thorny plants if they cause a threat to our mowing employees. Additionally, any plants, shrubs, trees, etc., planted on any lot automatically becomes the property of Aruba RV Resort and can and will be removed if they are in the way of mowers or extend onto an adjacent lot. Digging is not allowed without advance written permission of the Management. Resident is financially responsible for power, water, sewer or cable lines hit or damaged by Resident while digging.
      • It is requested that Residents hire someone to tend their flowers and shrubs while they are absent from the Resort. During any extended absence from the Resort, remove all flowers in flowerbeds and cover with black ground cloth to prevent weeds from coming up.
      • It is the Resident's responsibility to remove and dispose of dirt, shrubs, trees and trimmings removed from the lot.
      • No new stone drives or yards are permitted. Current stone drives must be kept neat and clean or must be removed. All blocks as well as any concrete must be ground level, be uniform, and have ground cloth underneath.
      • No blocks can be left stacked around the home; they will be removed as an impediment to mowing and weeding.
      • No rugs on lots. No artificial grass is permitted.
      • All homes of annual residents must be tied down and skirted.
      • No antennas or outdoor reception devices shall in any way be attached to or protruding from any unit or lot, except small DBS satellite dishes less than one meter in diameter (39 inches) and broadcast TV antennas (over-the-air and multichannel multi-point antennas). All other outdoor reception devices are prohibited. Further, any equipment that interferes with neighboring reception is prohibited. Prior written permission from Management must be obtained and the site plan modified to show the location before installation of any kind of approved outdoor reception device (DBS satellite dish or broadcast TV antenna) to ensure that the device is located in conformance with the aesthetic standards of the Resort. Antennas and other outdoor reception devices must be placed in an area that does not interfere with the maintenance of the RV lot.
    1. All units must be maintained in accordance with City and State Laws.
    2. Any units coming into the Resort must meet Management's approval. Management has the right to refuse admission of any unit it deems inappropriate.
    3. Management requires residents to keep their lots neat and clean. Miscellaneous items such as coolers, beach toys, ladders, buckets, refrigerators, appliances, household furniture, unused odds and ends etc., must be placed inside the unit or storage shed, if any. No storing of items under the unit or piled on the side or back of the unit. Only patio furniture, picnic tables, and grills are allowed to be kept on patio area. Nothing is to be placed on the lawn area around Resident's unit as it interferes with the mower.
    4. Residents must wash their unit so that Community standards are maintained. Any unit not kept clean of dirt, grime, mildew, etc., will be cleaned by Community maintenance and the unit owner will be billed. If your unit needs to be painted, the color must be approved by Management.
    5. Window coverings visible from the street shall be limited to blinds, shutters, drapes, curtains or similar standard window treatments. Bed sheets, mattresses, blankets, aluminum foil or similar items are prohibited from being used as a window covering or shade device, whether the resident is in residence or has closed up the unit for the season.
    6. One unit per lot is allowed unless prior written approval is obtained from Management.
    7. Absolutely no alterations, additions or deletions shall be made to the unit or lot without prior written approval from Management, whether free-standing or attached. This includes additions, screened rooms, sheds, air-conditioners, installation or removal of trees, concrete, any landscape changes or additions, etc. No outside antennas or satellite dishes shall be erected without prior written approval from Management. No free-standing structures, such as a carport canopy, are allowed.
    8. Signs. Each resident is permitted to place one (1) "For Sale" sign on the Community's bulletin board and one (1) in the window of his unit and not on the lawn. Any such sign must be of professional quality, maintained in excellent condition, not creating blight or nuisance. Residents shall not place or maintain on their rental lot any other signs, banners, advertisement, etc., except such signs as may be required by legal proceedings, court order, or as approved by Management. Management reserves the right to remove or require removal of non-complying signs.
    9. Quality. No additions to or change in ownership of RV/Park Models over 15 years old will be allowed to add without request form filled out and reviewed from Management with written approval or disapproval.
  6. GUESTS/VISITORS. Registration.
    1. A "guest" is anyone, including family members, of resident in the Resort.
    2. Registration. Residents must register all their Guests/Visitors who will be using Community facilities or who will be present for more than twenty-four (24) hours in any calendar month. A fee is required for all guests over 48 hours, due upon arrival-see current price rates sheet.
    3. Supervision/Use of Facilities. Guests and Visitors shall not use Community facilities unless the host Resident is also present. Residents are responsible for the conduct/damages of their Guests/Visitors.
    1. Quiet Hours. Except for work or activities authorized by Management, quiet hours are from 10:00 pm until 8:00 am, during which time Residents must ensure that potentially disruptive sounds, including but not limited to voices, television, radios, musical instruments, equipment, power tools, etc. shall not travel beyond the Resident's individual lot. Exception of Park events.
    2. Interference. Interference with or harassment of other Residents, Guests, Visitors or the Management, disturbances of the peace and quiet, or willful or careless destruction of or injury to property in the Community is prohibited.
    3. Nuisances/Debris. No rubbish or debris of any kind shall be placed or permitted to accumulate upon or adjacent to any rental lot, and no odors shall be permitted to arise therefrom.
    4. Harassment. Conduct which threatens, harasses or intimidates others is prohibited. The Community seeks to provide a congenial living environment that is free of improper harassment of Residents or Management that minimizes disturbances for the peace and quiet, and that prohibits the willful or careless destruction of or inquiry to property in the Community. The Community encourages any Resident who feels as though they have been the subject of improper harassment to promptly report such incidents so that they can be investigated. In the event of such an incident, any alleged incidents of harassment may be reported to Management in any written form that adequately describes the situation. The report should be as factually specific as possible (i.e. persons involved, dates, witnesses, etc.) so that the matter can be promptly investigated. To the extent feasible under the law, the Park shall strive to maintain confidentiality as to the existence of a complaint, the results of any investigation, and the investigation itself.
    5. Fire Pits. Must be above ground such that it does not damage our lawn. Fire pits must also be attended until all ash is cold.
    6. Fireworks. Fireworks including sparklers of any kind are prohibited at all times.
    7. Firearms/Weapon. All use of firearms, bow & arrows or slingshots or of any other weapons on premises are prohibited. Weapons must be securely encased; this means in a glove compartment whether or not locked; snapped in a holster, in a gun case whether or not locked; in a zippered gun case, or in an enclosed container which requires a lid or cover to be opened for access.
    8. Drug or Criminal Activities. Residents shall not engage in, facilitate, or allow any criminal activity in the Community.
    9. Alcoholic Beverages. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the Community, if used responsibly. Management reserves the right to prohibit or restrict alcoholic beverages in the common areas. No use of motorized vehicles is allowed by any person who is under the influence of alcohol.
    1. Speed Limit/Noisy Vehicles. THE SPEED LIMIT IN THE COMMUNITY IS 5 MPH. Cruising, reckless or unsafe driving is prohibited. All stop signs and other traffic signage will be strictly enforced. Repeat violators will be asked to leave the Resort. Bikes, cars, motorcycles, scooters and golf carts must obey the speed limit.
    2. Golf Carts. Must register with Management and all should contain lot number on them. They must be stored when Resident is off site on pads and tied/anchored down that must be approved by Management before departure. They can also be stored in covered or uncovered storage see Management.
    3. Maximum Number of Vehicles. A maximum of one (1) RV/Park Model is permitted per rental lot. A maximum of two (2) additional vehicles are allowed per rental lot, if space permits.
    4. Parking.
      • Vehicles may only be parked in and driven across designated areas.
      • Vehicles/Boats/Golf Carts shall not be parked on any vacant rental lots and shall not obstruct the driveways of other rental lots.
      • Only licensed and drivable (running) vehicles are allowed in the Community.
      • Commercial vehicles, semi or trailer-pulling trucks are not permitted without Management approval.
      • Management reserves the right to restrict other vehicles and to impose other limitations on vehicles if deemed to be in the best interest of the Community or its Residents. Vehicles, equipment and accessories needed by Owner, Management and its representatives for purposes of maintaining the Community are exempt from these restrictions.
      • No Vehicle Repairs. Repairing or performing vehicle maintenance on any lot is strictly prohibited. (Including, but not limited to oil and fluid changes). There is a place back by the barn area for some repairs, get approval from Management.
      • Vehicles Leaking Fluids. Vehicles leaking oil or fluids are prohibited in the Community and must be repaired off premises.
      • Open and Off Season Storage. Only canvas or duck tarps / covers are acceptable. NO PLASTIC.
      • Storage/Parking Location. We have designated trailer, boat, and vehicle parking for no charge while you are on site. Please see Management for designated location. This area is provided on a first come, first serve basis.
      • Parking/Storage during off season: Absolutely no parking is allowed on grass. All Boats/Vehicles/Golf Carts must be tied down on your pad and approved by Management before departure. If your pad is not large enough to park your boats/golf carts, please get with Management for an approved designated area.
      • Lot Storage/Parking: If unit is pulled out during off season 6/6, with prior written approval of Management boat/golf cart/steps can be left on your pad. They must also be tied down before departure.
      • Only licensed drivers are allowed to drive vehicles, golf carts, motorcycles, mopeds or their motorized vehicles in the Resort.
  9. NO DIGGING. Management approval must be obtained prior to any digging in the Community or installing any item below grade (i.e., a post, stake, etc.). Please do not cut, drive nails, climb or attached objects to our trees.
  10. NO EXTENSION CORDS. Extensions cords shall not be run to sheds, vehicles or other RV/Park Models.
  11. UTILITY MAINTENANCES/EXPENSES. It is Resident's responsibility to pay for and maintain all wires, pipes, gas lines, sewer lines or other utility delivery equipment from the point of delivery of the applicable utility, or, if such utility service is provided by Landlord, from the point of entry to the rental lot and/or the Resident side of the meter whichever is closer to Residents' RV/Park Model.
  12. Cleaning of fish ONLY permitted at one of our 2 fish cleaning stations.
  13. WATER.
    • Residents shall undertake all necessary actions to conserve water and prevent waste, including repairing any leaking fixtures, hoses, etc.
    • Each RV/Park Model may be washed on site once every 6 (six) months, or upon arrival unless otherwise authorized by Management and fees apply-see current rates sheet.
    • Cars, Boats/Golf Cart wash may be washed every 6 (six) months, or upon arrival unless otherwise authorized by Management and fees apply-see current rates sheet.
    • If you plan to install a washer you must notify Management as additional water fees apply- see current price list.
  14. PETS. Prior written approval from Management must be obtained as to any pet which is to reside in the Community, and such written approval must be obtained prior to the time the pet is actually brought into the Community. To be approved, the pet must be a true household pet.
    1. Pets must be licensed and registered with Management. Management approval must be obtained to keep a pet in the Community. Pets which exceed or will exceed 50 pounds or 24 inches from the floor must be approved by management.
    2. Absolutely NO AGGRESSIVE dogs allowed in park at any time. The following dog breeds are only permitted with written approval of management after meeting the dog, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Chow Chows, Akitas, wolf/dog mixes, any dog which is a mix of the above breeds, or any dog that exhibits aggressive behavior.
    3. Pets shall be kept on Resident's lot at all times except when being exercised during a walk, at which time the animal shall be on and walked only in the streets, and any other designated pet walk areas; Please do not walk animals near any common areas. At no time shall a pet be left outdoors unattended with or without a leash.
    4. Pet droppings must be immediately cleaned up and MUST be placed in plastic bags, tightly sealed and disposed of in trash containers.
    5. Pets are prohibited from common area facilities, including but not limited to, the office, bar/restaurant clubhouse area, laundry, etc. This does not apply to legitimate assistance animals.
    6. Animals cannot be vicious, dangerous, or create a nuisance including barking that interferes with the peaceful use or enjoyment of the premises by others. Dogs and cats must wear identification tags at all times.
    7. Pets must maintain current rabies and other inoculations.
    8. If site is left with dog feces you will be charged a fee for clean-up; strictly enforced!
    10. No other agricultural or wild animals, poisonous creatures or exotic creatures such as pigs, iguanas, snakes, ferrets, etc., are permitted in the Resort.
    11. Residents shall hereby be liable for and shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Resort Owner and Management, its affiliates and its and their officers, directors, employees, agents, and assigns from all personal injury or property damage caused by pets. In addition, Residents shall comply with all provisions of any rules, regulations and ordinances of any governmental authority or agency and the laws of the State with respect to dogs, cats and other pets.
    12. In the event of verified complaints against a pet, one written warning will be issued. If a second written warning is necessary, you will be asked to vacate your lot. No refund will be provided.
    13. The Resort is not responsible for stray animals and will not trap or remove them. Please do not feed any stray or wild animals.
    1. Use. No smoking in common areas (clubhouse, laundry, swimming pool, etc.) All Guests and Visitors using the common areas, facilities or recreational areas must be registered with the Community office and must be accompanied by a host Resident. Management reserves the right to limit or restrict the use of any facilities or areas.
    2. Kitchen. The kitchen is available for use and must be cleaned by persons or individuals after each use and this includes disposal of trash. No garbage cans will be furnished in the recreation hall except for planned events. Please clean up after yourselves each time.
    3. Special Events: For private or special events please check with Park Committee for availability and schedule with Management for use of the Recreation Hall.
    4. Laundry. Outside clothes lines are permitted but only as follows:
      • Clotheslines allowed should consist of one wooden, metal or plastic rack under your awning or on the back of ladder rack.
      • A 6' square collapsible type allowed on laundry day and must be immediately collapsed and put away after drying that day.
    5. Clubhouse/Recreation Building. Clubhouse hours are posted. Swimwear and wet clothing are not permitted in the clubhouse.
    1. IMPORTANT NOTICE. No lifeguard is on duty. No diving or running. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult Resident at all times.
    2. For safety reasons, swimming alone is not permitted.
    3. Appropriate swimming attire is required. Shorts and cut offs are not permitted.
    4. Food, glass containers of any type and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the pool area.
    5. Running, diving, loud noises, boisterous, disruptive or dangerous conduct are prohibited in the pool area.
    7. During periods of thunder or lightning residents must exit the pool for safety reasons.
    8. Pool Hours: Generally open for use from one half hour after sunrise to one half hour before sunset seven days a week. Hours may vary based on maintenance requirements, seasonal variations, artificial lighting, etc.
    1. All garbage and refuse must be placed in sealed plastic bags and deposited in the refuse containers. All boxes and cartons must be flattened, the lid must be closed, and NO refuse is to be placed outside of refuse containers.
    2. Except for commonly utilized household items (drain cleaner, BBQ lighter fluid, propane tanks, etc.) flammable combustible liquids or hazardous materials of any nature are prohibited in the Community.
    3. Oils, fluids, chemicals or any other toxic or environmentally sensitive items shall not be disposed of in the Community. NOTE: Many automobile part stores and service centers will accept motor oils and other fluids for disposal.
    4. Batteries should be taken back to vendor - NOT TO DUMPSTER.
    5. Air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, TV's etc. - take to Glades County landfill.
    6. Do not throw trash in yard or barn or you will be charged for labor and dump fees.
    7. For health and safety reasons, all persons are prohibited from sorting through refuse containers. The removal of any items from the refuse containers or dumpsters is strictly prohibited.
    8. Residents shall not engage in any waste disposal practices that would place the Community in breach or violation of any applicable laws or of the Community's contract with its waste removal provider. Residents must check with Management prior to disposing of items that may in any way be deemed hazardous or not considered normal household trash and garbage (tires, batteries, large items, paints, solvents, etc.).
    9. Aluminum cans are recycled to support cards and flowers for special occasions and events of park residents. PLEASE SAVE YOUR ALUMINUM CANS!! Place them in the bins by the dumpster.
    2. Community Owner and/or Management does not promise, warrant, or guarantee the safety or security of any residents, occupants or guests or of their personal property against the criminal or negligent actions of other residents, occupants, guests, invitees, contractors or third parties, and does not warrant that any devices or persons if employed at this community will discourage or prevent breaches of security, intrusions, thefts or incidents of violent crime. Crime can and does occur in any community. Each home occupant has the responsibility to protect himself/herself and to maintain appropriate insurance to protect his/her belongings, including items within or on the premises, and vehicles from criminal acts, negligent acts, fire, windstorm, hurricanes, plumbing leaks, smoke or any acts of God.
      • To help prevent theft, LOCK EVERYTHING.
      • For non-emergency assistance of any type, call (863) 946-1324.
      • For everyone's safety, please lock all bikes, cars, carts and your home at all times.
      • When entering the resort at night, turn off your headlights and put your dome light on.
      • Report any suspicious vehicles to the office ASAP; get the make and license number if possible.
      • If an ambulance is summoned, please contact us at (863) 946-1324 so that we can help them upon their arrival.
    1. Modifications. These Rules may only be modified by the Owner. The Management is not authorized to modify the terms of these Rules and Regulations, verbally or in writing. Owner reserves the right to revise, add delete or otherwise modify these Rules from time to time, by giving advanced notice of such changes, as is necessary to advance the best interests of the Community Owner and Management.
    2. Right of first refusal for park model to be removed. If Resident should accept a bona fide offer to buy Resident's park model home or if resident intends to sell his park model home, Resident shall first give Owner written notice stating the name, address and phone number of the prospective buyer, the agreed purchase price, underlying financial information and all the terms or conditions of the proposed sale. Owner shall have the right to purchase the home upon the same terms and conditions by notifying Resident, in writing, within three business days after receipt of the terms of the sale from the Resident. Should Owner not timely respond, this right of first refusal shall be deemed waived and Resident may proceed to sell the home on the same terms and conditions as presented to Owner. Should terms of the sale in any way change from those presented to owner, Resident must give a new written notice to owner specifying the modified terms and the Owner's right of first refusal shall be reinstated. This provision does not apply to transactions where the park model home will remain in the Community and the buyer/transferee has been approved for residency, and the buyer/transferee has unequivocally committed to become a Resident.
    3. No Waiver of Landlord's Rights/Remedies. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as waiving of Resident's or Owners rights. Terminations of tenancy, the filing of forcible detainer or special detainer action, acceptance of partial payment, and/or eviction from the Lot shall not constitute a waiver of any claims for unpaid rent. Additional Charges, interest, utilities, attorneys' fees, costs, damages, or any other amounts owing to Owner. Management's waiver, inability or failure to require strict compliance with the terms of the Community Documents or the law shall not be deemed a waiver and shall not preclude Owner or Management from subsequent enforcement.
    4. Additional Rules and Laws. All signs and notices posted in the Community are made as part of these Rules and incorporated herein by this reference.
    5. Headings. The section headings and titles contained in these Rules are for purposes of convenience and reference only and do not limit or define the scope of coverage under these Rules.
    6. Severability. The invalidation of any one or more of these Rules by a tribunal of competent jurisdiction shall in no way affect any other provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect.
    7. Utilities. In the event Owner shall bill any utilities or services to Resident, Resident shall pay Owner for any utilities and services purchased and/or billed through Owner, which may, at Owner's discretion, accrue year round. All such amounts shall be classified as Additional Charges. Resident is responsible for paying all charges for utility or service connections. Unless approved by Management in writing, alternative sources of power and utilities are prohibited (generators, extensions cords, etc.) It is Resident's responsibility to pay for and maintain all wire, pipes, sewer lines, or other utility delivery equipment from the point of delivery to Resident's Lot to Resident's RV/Park Model. In the event Owner provides any utility services, and should the meter or service lines be located adjacent to or beneath Resident's RV/Park Model or Improvements, Resident shall be responsible for providing access to these service lines and meter for reading, repairs or replacement.
    8. Damages/Indemnification. To the extent permitted by law, Resident shall Indemnify Owner, its officers, mangers, agents, representatives and employees from any liability, loss, legal fees, cost, expenses or damages that they may suffer as a result of any claims, demands, lawsuits, actions, costs, judgments, and the like asserted against them arising out of the negligent acts or omissions of Resident or Residents' occupants, Guests, Visitors or invitees.
    9. Installation and Removal of RVs/Park Models. An RV/Park Model may not be brought into the Community without Management's written consent or removed from a Lot without a signed written agreement from the Management showing clearance for removal and that all monies due and owing are paid in full, or any other agreement between the Resident and Management authorizing installation or removal. If Resident is using an RV transporter service, the service must contact Management at least thirty (30) days prior to any anticipated move-in or move-out date and obtain Management's written authorization to perform the move. Management has the right to coordinate the moving dates and times, and to reject and exclude from the Community any Resident or transporter service that does not cooperate with Management, or which Management deems to be not qualified or not responsible, in Managements' sole discretion. Residents are responsible for damages caused by themselves and their transporter service.
    10. Abandonment. Resident shall not abandon the Lot or the RV/Park Model located thereon. Resident shall be responsible for all damages suffered by Owner in the event of abandonment. Owner may, at its option, consider an RV/Park Model or Lot to be abandoned if: 1) rent remains unpaid for five (5) days after the due date and if Management does not observe the Resident(s) presence at the Lot: or (2) if Management does not observe the Resident (s) residing at the Lot for a period of 15 days without notice to and consent of Management; or (3) if a notice is issued by Management for failure to properly maintain the RV/Park Model, Lot or Improvements and violations is not timely cured; or (4) any other basis that causes Management to believe the RV/Park Model is abandoned. In the event of abandonment of the Resident's RV/Park Model or personal property and in addition to the rights and remedies available to Owner under law, Resident expressly authorizes Owner to dispose of said property in any reasonable manner determined by Owner in situations where Owner reasonably determines that the value of the property is so low that the cost of moving, storing, and/or conducting a public sale of the property would exceed the amount that would be realized from such sale. Resident releases and holds Owner and its employees, agents and representatives harmless for loss of the property and/or the value of the property stored and disposed of under the foregoing circumstances.

NOTICE TO ALL RESIDENTS OF THE PARK: No manufacturing businesses of any kind are allowed in Park at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS!

To remain in compliance with Chapter 513, Florida Statutes, pertaining to RV parks, compliance with the following rules must be maintained. According to Chapter 513, you can only inhabit your RV/Park Model at Aruba RV Park 6 months in a calendar year. As to everyone who stays in Park longer than six months beginning the 2nd day over, there will be a $100.00 per month fee for months 7th - 12th month this is for the extra use of water and garbage and park expenses. This can be paid once a month or all together at one time. If you stay 12 months the first year the fee is $600.00. Then the second year you will then be classified as a "Year Round Resident" and new rates apply - see current rate sheet.

This paragraph applies to everyone that stays in Park longer than six months: For every month over 6 months, beginning the 2nd day over, there will be a $100.00 per month fee for months 7th -12th month this is for the extra use of water and garbage and park expenses. This can be paid once a month or all together at one time. If you stay 12 months the first year the fee is $600.00. Then the second year you will then be classified as a "Year Round Resident" and new rates apply- see current rate sheet.

*These Rules and Regulations are subject to change upon review.